General information

Ethiopia flag

Official designation
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Capital and Government headquarters
Addis Ababa
Head of State
Sahle-Work Zewde
Head of Government
Abiy Ahmed
Political system
Federal parliamentary republic
1.104.300 km2
109 millions (2018, World Bank)
Demographic density
Main religions 

Ethiopian Orthodox Christianism and Islam are the major religions. Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, traditional beliefs and other religions coexist with the previous ones.

Official language
Ethiopian Birr
 GDP at current prices
84.356 billion USD (2018, World Bank)
GNI per capita
790 USD (2018, World Bank)


Market Information

Market guideline - Country overview (AICEP)

Macroeconomic data - (Observatory of Economic Complexity)

Guideline to market access

Double Taxation Avoidance

Investment process diagram (pdf)

Doing Business Ethiopia 2020 (World Bank - pdf)

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